Monday, October 29, 2012

The World Wide Web: In Search of the Telephone Opera-The Killer App?

The quote I chose from this section was most interesting, and I feel it can be true for art, today.  "The conventions of art are altered by works of art...Successful art changes our understanding of the conventions by altering our perceptions.  Art can surely influence our perception and views, if it has a strong impact or influence on us.  When discussing art on the web, it is said that this kind of work is "archived and searchable."  Therefore, there has not been an art movement, showing how it has evolved.  Web art has been around a long time and the information is at our fingertips on the net. 

There is no true ownership of some of the first web art or works, which is mentioned in the article.  I remember reading similar information in my internet art class; however,  the first use of internet stemmed from people of the Soviet Union and European countries.  Internet was initially for sharing documents, sounds, video, and military purposes.  Internet led to communication and public uses/ web art.  Web was used for art by public, sometimes as a source of rebellion or way to speak freely. It may be considered as a way to broadcast in media, which was often seemingly abstract. I feel this information is important for understanding this section.  Web art consisted of lines, color, and shape.  It's amazing how it has changed and evolved.

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