Wednesday, January 25, 2012

60 Second Shot Reflection

What I learned about the 60 sec film is that it is often difficult to come up with interesting concepts or compositions that require a time limit of one minute.  I found that each individual came up with very different ideas, yet had similar ideas when it came to camera movement and the distance at which the shot was taken.  I felt it was very interesting that almost every student played with this idea of using angle or “cropping” to create a certain feeling in the environment in which the students were in.  Some videos were reviewed as performances and others were more personal (autobiographies).  It was great seeing different compositions, colors, points of view, and types of cameras used.
I have become extremely comfortable in front of the camera through applying different emotions and facial expressions, trying to convey certain feelings of curiosity or confusion to the audience.  I felt my work was very different from other students; however, I felt it was important for me to introduce myself through a digital video, allowing for others to get a sense of how I am on camera.  I felt it was a quick and fun experience, jumping into a project that required no editing.  It gets people comfortable in making a video without the “extras” first.  It was a great idea to have no limitations, allowing for students to have the freedom to choose their composition and topic.  However, it is sometimes more difficult to have no guided focus or goal.  This experimentation allowed for me to learn a little about each artist.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Video art- why I love it

Video art was one of my biggest fears in venturing out into new media.  I started by determining I was going to specialize in drawing.  However, with one media class I found myself easily attached to technology.  I enjoy Photoshop and Final Cut Pro has become my closest friend.  I love taping images and voice overs, creating interesting effects and overlays.  I find it to be time-consuming, but so was drawing.  I found more excitement in video art, as opposed to concentrating on a single drawing.  I have freedom in video art and I am able to express myself through image and sound, and it can be both abstract and realistic.  Video has emotion that can be experienced with multiple senses, and the creator has more say in how its interpreted by the audience.  I have found video art to be fun to create, allowing me to find myself.  I have been able to express myself better through video art, rather than painting or drawing.  Video art has given me greater opportunities and the ability to create what I want through a set of guidelines.  I am pleasantly surprised by my growth and change in heart.  I feel many can learn more about me and find that I have developed a style since Video Art I.  I love creating work about emotion (anger, frustration, pain) and life experiences.  I feel that memory and past has a great affect on our work as artists.  I wish only to learn more and progress, showing people that I am a true artist, one that can be taken seriously.