Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Social Media: Past & President

Title: Social Media: Past and President
Medium: Digital Prints on Lustre paper
Dimensions: 20x30

Three posters that focus on 2012's presidential debate and contrast of media and social media, showing how times have changed.  Candidates have gone from newspapers to using social-networking to communicate to the public, receiving public support.  The views and efforts of the candidates are also supported in these digital prints.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Social Media Broadcast

I decided to use Photoshop and Internet images to create three large-sized posters of Obama and Romney, from this year's election. I explored the idea of campaigning and how media/social networking has influenced voters and advertising.  If I did not have Internet and the software I have today, I would have most likely used magazine clippings and newspaper to create the larger images and wording.

Campaigns and advertising were primarily in magazines, posters, and television/radio years ago.  The idea for this project may have been different back 20-30 years ago because there was less change or extreme advances in social networking.  The use of medium would certainly be different, but I feel my idea behind it would be similar.  My project may be the same in the sense that advertising, radio, and broadcasting affects the public's views and opinions.  However, today there is more to compare with a wide range of years and advancement of technology. 

Overall, I believe that our society has grown to be very visual, publicised, and informal.  Social media affects my project, representing how things such as Facebook and Twitter have played a large roll in communicating the candidates' views and thoughts.  It was useful, but also made me think that social networking has taken away from some of the professional ideals or seriousness of elections.  Social networking can be friendlier, but can also make it easier for people to post invalid information and ridicule candidates and other news.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nic Rad

People Matter exhibition: collection of portraits that feature portraits of media personalities, such as global news or gossip.


 Nic Rad was born in 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio. Rad is an artist based in New York.


  • 2007 M.F.A. New York Academy of Art, New York City, NY (completed masters)

  • 2005 B.F.A. Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA 

  • 2003 Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy 


During graduate school Rad worked on commercial projects for clients, such as VH1 and MTV2.
Nic Rad is classified as a painter, drawer, and writer.  He has created some amazing projects and interesting objects that reveal a deeper meaning, or directly spell out a purpose.