Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reflection of Final Appropriation Project

My piece expands on the previous appropriation project.  I went from using two channels to using four channels.  I also Made sound more important in this appropriation project.  I thought it would be great to take the idea of sound one step further and think about sound barriers.  For example, you see a plane before you hear it.  So, I decided to play the sound behind the viewers, making a visual and sound connection. I continued to manipulate footage from The Nature of Sound, making more abstractions and focus on visual aspects (color).  I delved more into abstraction, but also chose to keep  images and video the same from the last appropriation study. 

I feel that since I enjoyed the project in the previous unit that I could do more to make the appropriating more interesting.  I decided that there should be more visuals (screens) to keep the viewer's eyes moving, enhancing abstract aspects.  I also wanted the viewer to question why the sound is coming from a different source and see how viewers react to the work being "scattered" throughout.  I believe this final project made me think more creatively, expanding on a project that I may not have revisited, otherwise.