Monday, October 15, 2012

Faculty Gallery Exhibit Visit 10/11/2012

I attended the exhibit and artist talk in Mount Clemens.  I was able to see many of my professors' work and was able to hear them talk about their ideas and meanings behind their work.  There were videos, sculptures (3D-collage by Cody Vanderkay), photography, drawings, and paintings.  It was somewhat disappointing to be the only student that attended.  It was nice to see our professors out of the classroom and in the art setting, expressing themselves through art as we do every class.

I had the opportunity to see Leslie in a live performance, creating video art.  There were two large TV screens, two laptops, and switches/controls.  Although it was live, it was very well done and I made sense or meaning of what the images and sound were creating.  For example, a word that kept surfacing was geometry.  Visuals were then transformed into shapes and the screens created block- like colors.  The sound was also subtle and worked well with the piece.  I connected the ideas of simple shapes and forms that make up the universe, and how they are all around us.  There were images that were manipulated and often blurry, leading to the audience's "wonders and questions of the world."  There were some technical difficulties, which made the performance real and it is something that happened out of the artist's control.  This is something that our media classes experience, often.  It makes a connection between us as practicing artists and people with many years of work and studies.

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