Thursday, October 18, 2012

Appropriation Unit: Collage vs. Video

The collage assignment felt more personal because it was a study about ourselves and we had control over the images we were able to use and what we could choose images and words from.  This collage was also hands-on and gave us the opportunity to work with real materials, cutting and pasting. The collage seemed more challenging because our task was to describe our strengths and weaknesses with images that related to us by choice.  Sometimes it seems more difficult to talk about yourself in art.  However, it was a good practice and something we have all done before.  The collages I made as a kid would look very different from what I did in this study because i have grown as a person and certain things are more important to me, now.  I view my characteristics and what I do more than what I like.

The appropriation project was interesting because the images and sound were chosen for us.  This gave us the same material to work with; however, everyone's work was very different.  It is amazing how we all manipulated sound and images, as well as, incorporated color into a black and white film.  Some work was very abstract and did not resemble the video, and other work enhanced the meaning of the video through focusing on particular things.  For example, I focused on the movement of waves and people and how geometry/shapes are found in movement, giving certain parts of the video a kaleidoscope effect.  I manipulated the movement of line and included color because it reminded me of wavelengths and prisms discussed in science.  Overall, in my opinion movement, sound, and color all relate.

Both projects were based on appropriation, but were different aesthetically and materialistically. It was nice to work with both and see the way we worked with different options and challenges.


  1. I don't know if i agree with the collage being more challenging. I believe that the video was. The fact that it was old and lacked any real interest made it more challenging for me because I wasn't sure how i would make it interesting enough for my viewers.

    I do agree though that our projects were very different. I always enjoy seeing how people take the same video or any medium and change it. The fact that we all had different ideas made the video a lot more interesting to look at and mad it a lot more modern as well.

  2. I agree with Bruce, the collage seemed easier for me and I was slightly more invested due to its personal nature. I also stated on his blog how the video seemed to confine me. I love how you pointed out that the collages as a child are different than the one you made now due to the difference in what is important. I found this to be quite true for me as well.

  3. It's interesting that you felt that the collage was a more challenging assignment because I felt the opposite. With that said, I do like your explanation as to why. It is often hard to make work that is soooo directly related to our personal lives, especially when the audience knows that that's the objective. Could you get anymore personal than, "make something about your strengths and weaknesses?" It's hard to do that without a filter.

  4. I'm in agreeance that that collage was more difficult due to its personal nature. trying to make something that expresses yourself i find to be terrifying, especially when everyone looking at it knows its supposed to be about yourself.