Monday, September 10, 2012

Show and Tell

My favorite work of art relative to New Media is a video I created called Relentless Mind, Calm Body.  The video is roughly 4 minutes and 6 seconds long.  It was completed and uploaded late 2011.  I developed my ideas for this work in my Video Art I class, taught by Vagner Whitehead.  This is a work inspired by my deepest, most personal thoughts.  I represent myself and my insecurities through voicing my conflicted memories.  "The mind is conflicted with memories and how one should perceive them. Demonstrated through painting the body with red paint (memories) and washing them away; soaking in them. Memories are seen through experiences, following me in the water."  -My Vimeo page

I am most proud of this work because this is when I realized that I had developed a style.  I felt that this video helps people see me in a different light.  I wanted to bring emotion and visual stimulation to the viewers.

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