Friday, September 21, 2012

I Spy, Picture Perfect Game


-Two people on each team

-There is one picture holder


Teams will agree on location or boundaries at Oakland to play at (a building, outdoor court -being specific, OU Center, Recreation Center).  The picture holder will take pictures, sending them to each team.  In this case, Leah will be the first picture holder.


Teams want to try and figure out what the object is that is being captured and sent to each team.  When the teams figure out what the object is they will get points.  There will be at least 5 pictures taken by the picture holder, varying on difficulty. 


Picture holder has to impose a challenge to the teams; paying attention to composition and the type of shot (close up, medium shot, etc.)

Teams will have three tries to guess the object in the picture.  If the team guesses it correctly on the first try they will get 5 pts, second try is 2 pts, and third try is 1 pt.  If they do not guess it correctly there will be no points gained.  The team with the most points after five or more pictures will be safe.  The team with the lowest point will have to switch out one of the team members and become the picture holder.  The person that was already the picture holder will then join the other team member with the lowest amount of points.

Game can keep going until time is up…


-At least 5 pictures taken per picture holder

-Avoid being the picture holder, based on points


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